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EyeMed Vision Plan

EyeMed Vision Plan

See the Benefits of the Vision Plan

Our vision plan includes benefits for eye exams, eyeglasses, and contact lenses through EyeMed. You may visit a doctor within the EyeMed network and take advantage of higher benefits coverage, or visit an out-of-network provider of your choice for a reduced benefit.

In-network benefits are reflected. Refer to the benefit summaries for your out-of-network benefit.

Routine Eye Exam (Once every 12 months) $10 co-pay
Eyeglass Frames (Once every 12 months) $100 allowance + 20% off balance
Eyeglass Lenses (Instead of contacts) (Once every 12 months)
Single Lenses $25 co-pay
Bifocal Lenses $25 co-pay
Trifocal Lenses $25 co-pay
Contact Lenses (Instead of eyeglasses) (Once every 12 months)
Elective conventional $115 allowance + 15% off balance
Elective disposable $115 allowance (no other discount)
Non-elective (Medically necessary) Covered in full